Our Story

Our Testimony - God's Plan

Abbaletas - Odalis & Gabriel Martinez - Owners

As Law students in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Gabriel and Odalis, the CEOs of ABBAletas, met in 2010. Focused on their studies and determined to be the top in their class, they unexpectedly crossed paths and immediately fell for each other. It was their shared ambition and drive towards law that united them closely. Nonetheless, love was not an excuse for them to become complacent; instead, it forced them to set concrete futuristic goals, which propelled them to finally become licensed attorneys in 2013.

In 2013, Gabriel and Odalis decided to go on a well-deserved vacation, so they planned a trip to the well-sought-after, Central Florida. While on their vacation, they attended a local church in Kissimmee. Here, they met a man who spoke blessings unto them, and among those, was a declaration that they would move to Florida and prosper, with the condition that they’d willingly take the leap of faith, leaving their lives in Puerto Rico behind.

At this point, both Gabriel and Odalis were just beginning their Christian journey. It had started just a few months earlier, when Gabriel lost his father, so they were new to the way of the Lord. Though, when they returned home, inevitably, the prophecy pounded and echoed in their hearts. They obediently decided to move to Florida in faith.

Once established in Florida, they went back to the Hispanic church that had changed their lives, and began to attend regularly. It was as if they had found an oasis in the desert.

Later, in 2015, they began to seek business opportunities, and it was in that moment, that God put in their hearts the vision of establishing their own popsicle shop. Immediately, all their energy was poured into learning and mastering this new craft they knew nothing about, so that one day, they could open their own popsicle shop.

As they learned more and more about making delicious, all-natural handmade popsicles, God presented the name “ABBAletas” to Odalis. She was touched knowing that God spoke to her, by bringing together their new-found love of Him, with their new business idea!

Gabriel had plans that would put ABBAletas on hold. First, he planned to take the State Bar exam in order to be a licensed attorney in Florida. As he commenced the intense mental commitment of studying for the “Bar,” God began flooding him with many detailed and vivid ideas for the Popsicle Shop, which he set aside in a box.

After the exam, Gabriel recurred back to the box, where he found the fundamental concepts of what ABBAletas is today. Those concepts patiently waited for him to bring them to life; however, there was a problem. The exam left Gabriel mentally drained, as he worked full-time, all while studying and resting four (4) hours a day, for four (4) consecutive months.

Although both him and Odalis worked tirelessly, they were stretched thin financially. With no money in their bank accounts, to get ABBAletas up and running, it looked like ABBAletas would be on a hold, indefinitely.

Ironically, God had other plans. He used their condition as an opportunity to begin placing resources together, one by one, in order to open their first location.

Gabriel and Odalis put all their time and effort into opening their first shop. Soon after, God brought another surprise – a baby! They were expecting their first child the same day ABBAletas’ would have it’s Grand Opening; God’s blessings were doubled!

When it all came together, the plan God had was far better than Gabriel and Odalis could have ever imagined.

Today, they have two (2) beautiful kids, Gabriel Alonso and Galilea. Gabriel & Odalis feel blessed every day, to have ABBAletas’ customers stop by to receive a refreshing blessing. They feel honored and privileged to touch the souls of so many, who in return, enlighten their souls as well.

More than a popsicle shop, ABBAletas is a revolution.