Our Philosophy



More than a traditional popsicleshop, we are a REVOLUTION born in the Father's heart, ready to REFRESH and BLESS the soul of many through our products, service and God's word.


ABBALETAS seeks to become a world-changing movement, a kingdom REVOLUTION.

An oasis where all of our REVOLUTIONARIES (team members,customers, followers, etc) can be REFRESHED and BLESSED to be a blessing to others around the world.

We exist for the purpose of honoring God by:

  • Sharing His Word with others
  • Impacting & inspiring their lives
  • Leaving a legacy for future generations


Jesus is our CEO and we're simply faithful and responsible stewards of His property.

We strongly believe in honoring God by giving back to him a portion of what He has entrusted us.

10% of all our earnings goes to different Nonprofit Organizations that seek to help people in need while proclaiming His life-changing Word.

ABBA is a familiar name for God, our Father. We do business for Him and with Him

letas comes from the word “paleta” which is the Spanish term for popsicles.